Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Up and Down

Tonight was a great motivational workout. Let me back up for a minute. I went to the gym yesterday to have one of the personal trainers give me a body fat analysis test. I also weighed myself. I am 160 lbs. and my body fat percentage is 14. I was quite pleased with these readings. The 14 percent body fat was in the high/good range. The trainer congratulated me and told me I was doing great. Well, that made my day. My goal is to get down to about 11 percent body fat. So I'm not that far away but there is still a lot of work ahead of me. But, despite the great news, I became discouraged that evening. This is a problem that I face from time to time and I was just riding a high wave about looking forward to the future a few days ago. I was getting educated on the 52nd Grammy awards when my mind started wandering off. I saw all these artists on stage performing and accepting awards. I started thinking to myself, "man these folks are lucky and seem to have all the confidence and talent in the world to make it to such a place". I began to question my talents and felt I wasn't doing much with them. All this negative reflection leaked into my positive fitness experiences and I became discouraged. I was like, "ahhh!" Anyhow, I decided to go to sleep and wake up to a new day and yet another new start. As the day wore on, I started regaining my focus. I wanted to push play and work out and I wanted to take hold of myself again. I know everyone has their off days but they really suck. I remembered what I said about looking forward to the future and got back on track.

Well, my new motivation today came in two doses. First, I am proud to say that I completed Plyometrics for the first time right along side the DVD! I didn't take any modifications this time and totally kept up with Tony and the gang. I was ecstatic! This was a great boost in my confidence level and really started to show my progress. This was a life saver because I also was kind of ill about my first 30 day results. My 30 day pics didn't really show much difference. The good thing is I read some great tips on how to succeed with P90X and found one article talking about the 2nd phase of the program is where the big results kick in. I'm hoping to see those but have to keep in mind that this goes beyond 90 days and I am unique. What may work for some, may not work for others. The other dose of motivation came from watching Dr. OZ. There was a young kid who took control of his life by himself. He realized he was obese and unhealthy and looked with in himself to find the courage and motivation to make some really big life saving changes. I wish everyone could have heard his story and heard his words of encouragement. His body age was 14 (he's 20 year old!) and his blood pressure dropped tremendously. He also lost over a hundred some odd pounds. But the big thing was his body fat percentage. He is 6'4" with a body fat percentage of 16. Dr. Oz said that was really good and that even a lot of athletes don't achieve that. I figured at 14 percent body fat at 5'7" was pretty damn good, especially considering I used to be like all fat. 14 percent puts me in the healthy range. The guest's story was inspiring and just reiterated that I am doing great and will keep on trucking.

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