Saturday, January 30, 2010

Looking Ahead

P90X has reminded me to look to the future and never look back. Now that phase one is complete, I can now focus on phase two and more results. I often times tend focus too much on what I didn’t accomplish rather than what I have accomplished. Getting rid of that last little bit of belly fat is very annoying. You know, the kind that covers up that last few lower abs and those V shaped torso lines. I keep telling myself to be patient. With this being a recovery week, ending phase one, I have felt that I haven’t focused as much except on the day when I did Kenpo X. I struggled through Yoga X because I had a cold and couldn’t breathe right. I was weak too. My core synergistics DVD is scratched and messes up at the last 20 minutes. So, it has been a bit of an off week but a learning lesson. I have noticed some results in the first 30 days (I will take my 30 day pics this weekend) and I shall use that for motivation. I’m excited about phase two and ready to get back to some resistance training. I may try to purchase some weights before I start on Monday. My resistance bands are crappy. I also read some threads on’s message boards and found some people see some bigger results during phase two going into phase 3. I’ll keep tackling the nutrition plan and do my thing. I’ll take it day by day and give it my all. Too often people seem to stay in a rut because they can’t get over the past. My new focus will be to always look ahead but never forget where I have been. Change can be made and it starts with one’s self. I thought I new my fitness level before I started P90X and I did to some extent but results really can’t be 100% seen and need to be shown from the numbers. I will do as I should have done to begin with and measure, weigh and see where I stand doing various exercises. It’s the fitness test of the program. I knew I could pass the test but now I need to really get the numbers down. And, lying about it will not help. Fudging the numbers only create a false account of one’s fitness level and or results. So get out of the rut, look ahead to a bright new future or like Outkast says, “you need to get up, get out and get something”.

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