Sunday, January 10, 2010

Show Up!

As I was doing my workout tonight, I heard Tony Horton (P90X instructor) say something that made me think.  His basic premise was to inspire people to not give up.  No matter how hard the workout may seem, he says to keep pushing play and show up.  This has helped me tremendously.  There have been many times that I did not feel like going to the gym but I would at least pull in the parking lot and at that point it was like, "your here, you might as well do something".  Not showing up would mean beating myself up for it later on and feeling like crap.  Everyone has off days but the effort one puts out goes a long way.  I love this aspect of the P90X program.  I can do what I can and the dvds really motivate me to try harder and really push myself.  I have even let out a few screams here and there trying to get through those last few reps.  Man, you talk about a stress reliever.

I found that I was a little weaker tonight during my workout (I did the chest and back dvd).  At first I was a little bummed about it but I figured it was just an off night.  Even though I waited at least 45 minutes after dinner to start my workout, I still think I jumped the gun a little bit and should have waited a little longer.  I dunno, turkey doesn't seem to be a good thing to have in your stomach before working out either.  But anyhow, I actually did pretty good.  I did at least what I did the first week I did this workout and I even did a few more reps than I did before.  Keeping track of my reps for each exercise is where it's at.  When I look at what I did before, I just want to push myself that much harder to beat myself out.  Great motivation.  I will do Plyometrics tomorrow, which is very challenging.  Hell, all these workouts are hard but I'm down for the challenge.

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