Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tough Times, Tough People

My employer recently switched the company’s email to Google. I wasn’t too fond of it at first but as I came to know the program more, I started liking it. One of the features I love most is the ticker that periodically changes with quotes, news headlines and various other topics. Well, today I noticed a quote by Robert H. Schuller that I really like. He said, “Tough times never last but tough people do”. I think what I love about it most is how it implies that no matter what, if one can build themselves up to be strong then they can accomplish a lot. When it comes to fitness and health, this quote could not be any more perfect. The decision to make a lifestyle change is very hard. There are a lot of realizations one must go through to be able to free their mind to make such a drastic change. But, once they do, they seem to really enjoy the benefits. Once I got into my new routines, it did become easier but there was a point where I had to really dig down and stay with it. This was my tough time but I give myself credit for being an even tougher person. I survived it and I’m still here! I still have tough times in various aspects of my journey but being where I am today mentally really helps me be even tougher. I just completed my second week of P90X. Whooo Hoooo! I had been looking for some new motivation and found it with P90X. So, needless to say, I was amped and ready to go. The first week I worked really hard, primarily getting the routines down, which is suggested in the DVDs. But, my determination kicked in and I really pushed myself. The second week was a little better because I knew the routines and I could focus more on pushing myself. I felt like I wanted to throw up one time but with a little breathing and mind control, I was able to get passed it. I am now more motivated then ever. I did 14 pull-ups! At the start of the first week I did 12. Not bad eh? I’m also working on getting the nutrition plan down more accurately. So, on top of the excitement I have due to my results, this quote will motivate me even more. During every work out, as I’m straining and feeling the burn and wanting to give up, I will think about this quote and tell myself that this burn and strain will not last forever but if I stay tough physically and mentally I will be here standing tall at the end of 90 days and beyond.

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