Friday, January 15, 2010

Obsess Much?

Around the time I started my fitness journey, I started getting flack from various people.  Looking back on it today, I realized how unhappy these particular people were and I now have sympathy for them.  Some have actually changed since then and some are still in the same predicament.  It used to bother me pretty badly but it didn’t last for long.  I always go back to one’s environment/surroundings.  At the time, I was associated with people that didn’t care about health and fitness.  When I started to change, I was kind of an outcast.  I would get made fun of in a way and all sorts of comments flew out of folk’s mouths.  If a group of people threw in some cash for lunch, I would order something healthy.  Or, if there was a potluck type of gathering, people would say stuff like, “I can make a cake but Wallace won’t eat it.  Maybe I can throw some spinach in it to make it healthy”.  It only got worse before it got better.  Often times people would tell me that I was obsessed with eating healthy or obsessed with working out because I went six days a week.  It even got to the point where people would try and sabotage my food by lying about what was in it (if someone else made it for a group).  They would watch me eat it and then kind of snicker.  Pretty bad huh?  Me giving up alcohol was another bad one.  I think the thing that got me the most was people telling me I was obsessed.  I would always wonder what the hell was wrong with people.

Believe it or not, a t-shirt answered my question.  I was talking with my brother and law about the gym and how everyone seemed to have a problem with what I was doing.  He totally understood being somewhat in my same position.  While he was in the gym one day, he said he saw the best t-shirt.  It said, “lazy people see dedication as an obsession”.  I started thinking about everyone who were hating on me and figured that most of them were in fact lazy (lets say “inactive” to be nice) or just jealous.  At that point, I began to feel better about those folks and was able to respond a lot better to those situations.  Funny thing is, some of those folks have made a change and are doing the same thing they said I was “obsessing” about.  I don’t hold any grudges what so ever and are more than willing to help them along their journey.  Why would I do the same thing they did to me when it hurt me so much?  Anybody that is willing to make a change for the better needs nothing but support and instead of egos and jealousy getting in their way, they should simply be happy for that person and be there in time of need.  Hell, people that are even digressing need support.  Fitness and health has even made me tougher mentally and emotionally and being tougher in those two areas makes me feel like I can do anything.

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  1. Mirrors in, Mirrors out! Wally, I am so proud of you! This entry hits home for so many of us. It is sad when someone knocks us down when we are trying to better ourselves. You would think everyone would support us, but that isn't always the case. Unfortunately, it seems to be rarely the case. These individuals do this because of their own insecurities. When this happens it is time for reflection. Reflections happen in two ways: internally between you and yourself and externally between you and others. This is a part of the growth process. The process of bettering YOU. And in the end, it isn't about them. It is really about you. In Sadie's words, "Mirrors In, Mirrors Out". People hold mirrors up to you all the time (through their comments and opinions). It is up to you to decide what you will allow into your soul. These reflections (from yourself and from others) is what causes your core connection to strengthen or weaken. Even though having support from others is a wonderful thing it isn't essential. Sometimes we think we need others support. But, we really don't. This life is your life and your life only. We shouldn't allow others behaviors to dictate our happiness. It is important to better you for you and not for others. The haters make you stronger if you allow them to. These mirrors are yours to keep or to break!